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"Mavis I'm gonna cum" my zing said. Dracula explained that he and the staff built the town that Johnny was at and that the zombies dressed up as the towns people to scare Mavis to believing that humans were bad as he didn't want to live alone. Johnny thanks Dracula for saving him as Dracula guides him to a secret room. Johnathan suggest to Dracula that him and Mavis go out for a fly, but Dracula looks surprised and asks the reason; Johnny responds as he giggles and says that there's no reason. Confident, adventurous, larger-than-life, easygoing, friendly, jolly, fun-loving, talkative, laid-back, curious, optimistic, happy, funny, hopeful and good-natured Dracula sees Jonathan and disguises him as a monster to hide Jonathan from the guests. As the quarrel between Vlad and his relatives by marriage escalates, Johnny realizes that Dennis is missing. He probably liked Slipknot as he said that he went to a slipknot concert. Download this stock image: DENNIS, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION, 2018 - RGR9CK from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Willkommen im Hotel Transsilvanien, Draculas Nobelresort, in dem Monster und ihre Familien unbehelligt von den Menschen ausspannen können. Daniel Magon. As a cartoon character, his contact lenses are comically small. Und alle seine Freunde kommen zu Besuch. Then, Dracula checks if Dennis has any fangs, but Mavis insists that Dennis is more a human then Dracula excuses that he is checking if there are decaying teeth. Not wanting to set monster progress backwards by killing Jonathan, Dracula then worries about Mavis meeting Johnny and realizing that humans may not be the evil villains he made them out to be. He is voiced by actor Andy Samberg. I licked the tip and a second later his hot, sweet cum poured into my mouth. \"Lets check you guys out!\" 8. Seeing this result, Bela jumps out and tries to attack him, but Vlad who freeze and shrinks him to a harmless, tiny size and then Bela is captured and licked by Werewolf Kids as a new recreation play toy. Realizing his mistake, Dracula knows that humans aren't bad anymore and apologizes to everyone for lying. Seeing this, Johnny tries to leave, but he is blocked by Esmeralda after the Fly hears that Dracula brought a human into the hotel. Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. Fate However, Johnny defends himself by saying the guests were actually having fun for once but Dracula thinks otherwise, only believing that fun can happen in an orderly fashion. March 22, 1991 Mavis is given a cup of monster ball soup, which is a recipe of her mother, Martha. He is the husband to Mavis, the father to Dennis, the son… As of Dennis’s 5th birthday, Johnny is 27 years old. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Jonathan Loughran (nicknamed Johnny) (/ˈlaʊrən/ LOU-ruhn) is the deuteragonist in Hotel Transylvania. Johnny walks to Mavis and tells her that she's his zing and that he didn't want to reject her, but did because Dracula threatened to suck his blood. High quality Hotel Transylvania gifts and merchandise. The suit of armor and gargoyle waiters tried to stop him from reaching the kitchen from Johnny getting cooked, but they failed. When he enters, Dracula spots his appearance; he quickly traps the human at the entrance. Andy Samberg A year after their wedding, Mavis becomes pregnant and she and Johnny raise Dennis Loughran together for five years, culminating in the events of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. He accidentally crashes into Dracula's daughter, Mavis, knocking her off the stairs. Cast Adam Sandler as Count Dracula Andy Samberg as Jonathan Selena Gomez as Mavis "Hotel Transsilvanien" ist ein Animationsfilm aus dem Jahr 2012. He is voiced by actor Andy Samberg. Everybody panics and search his everywhere, calling Dennis' name, but they can’t find him; so everybody goes out to the forest outside the hotel, continuing finding Dennis. Shingo Fujimori. \"Then, I see these goofy looking dudes on fire, and I follow them to this, like, amazing castle!\" 3. After arriving California, Johnny and Mavis drive along the coastline, and Mavis is excited; she wants to call back to the hotel but Johnny says the time there should be about 1 A.M. After Dracula finds out he's going to be a grandpa, Mavis lies on her bed for the rest of her pregnancy; Dracula and Johnny take care of her. Upon learning Mavis is 118, he was shocked, but Dracula pushes him to keep Johnny's human a secret and Johnny pretends that he's 121. Jonathan is first seen welcoming his parents Mike and Linda, his two brothers and sister to the hotel for his and Mavis' wedding. But when Johnny pushes the tables, Dracula orders him to go to a corner for a time-out, which Johnny states he's a grown man, but Dracula uses his powers to put him there. As everyone runs around panicking, Johnny looks at Mavis and she asks him if he really is a human. Once inside, Waverly's world is turned upside down and she's confronted by a man from her childhood. Mavis likes the kids and seems to believe that California is a good place to raise their child; on hearing this, Johnny feels a little bit disappointed about not meeting Dracula’s wish. Johnny was happy by this, but sees Dracula upset. He is the first human inside Hotel Transylvania and falls in love with Count Dracula's daughter, Mavis. He is an airhead who didn't seem the least bit fazed when he first arrived at Hotel Transylvania. Hotel Transylvánie je skutečně špička nejen co se týče komfortu připraveného pro všechny upíry, vlkodlaky, mumie a Steiny z celého světa, ale především dokáže chytit za srdce jako roztomilá podívaná plná ještě roztomilejších postav, jejichž životním postojům se hlasitě smál celý nabitý sál(cca 13 lidí). Dracula leaves the room, then Mavis is with Johnny and their son, saying "Bleh, bleh, bleh" again; at that moment, Dracula suddenly appears from the ceiling, finding out that it was the couple who taught Dennis to say that word. Appearance Occupation Mavis and Johnny finally get to be together. Johnny accepts his apology and gave him a thumbs up as Dracula turns the plane around. However, they run into Mavis, also in bat form; Dracula quickly takes Johnny back inside, telling him to play along in exchange for his backpack. Johnny's full name is a high reference to, Judging from the patches on his backpack, Jonathan has been to France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Romania and Mexico. During their searching, they hear a roar by Bela. I like Mavis. But after crashing, he was captured by Quasimodo. Aug 28, 2017 - Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Hotel Transylvania Mavis Costume for Halloween. When he first arrived at the hotel, Mavis didn’t know he was human. Can’t wait to see it! Dracula hears this, but tells him that the legend was wrong and that only the wife died. As Johnny inspects uniforms, Dracula quickly uses a large jacket and some spray paint to disguise him as a monster from the Stein family and a cousin of Frankenstein. Dracula changes into a bat to fly Jonathan out of the hotel. At last, the scooter is eaten by an Elderly Gremlin. Mavis initially wants to bring Dennis with them, but she trusts Dracula that he can take care of his son. Quasimodo screams in anger that Dracula has brought a human into the hotel. He tells Dracula that he remembers seeing that painting at his favorite castle "Lubode" when he was told the legend of the Lady Lubode. Johnny says yes and apologizes for lying. Listen to trailer music, OST, original score, and the full list of popular songs in the film. He tells the story that a count met her by chance and that they weren't meant for each other. Johnny tries to advise that she shouldn’t consume it so fast. He gets scared, but Mavis insists that maybe it's a good thing, as she leans next to him and kisses him, as he smiled. La gran pregunta que cambiara su vida y la de Mavis para siempre esta en juego, sus padres deben conocerla. He wears a yellow and green t-shirt over a long-sleeve orange shirt, both of which are oversized, with brown shorts and blue and green sneakers. Um seine Ruhe vor den Menschen zu haben eröffnet Graf Dracula eigens ein Hotel für Monster. He also seems to be a man of his word and will honor his promises even if he doesn't want to. \"I like your Dracula voice, it's so over-the-top!\" 6. Dennis (grandfather)Mike and Linda (parents)Abraham Van Helsing (future step-great-great-grandfather-in-law)Brett and Kent (brothers)Unnamed 4 other brothersMelly (sister)Troy, Connor, and Parker (nephews)Dennis (son)Mavis (wife)Dracula (father-in-law)Martha † (mother-in-law)Ericka Van Helsing (future stepmother-in-law)Vlad (grandfather-in-law)Klaus (cousin-in-law) His motto is "just roll with it.". His appearance consists of red hair with green eyes and freckles. With Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez. He points out that Johnny and Mavis "zinged", but he got in the way, so Frank, Wayne, Griffin and Murray goes to find him. Dracula (father–in-law)Mavis (wife)Dennis (son)FrankensteinWayneGriffinMurray Weitere Ideen zu Hotel transilvanien, Hotel transsilvanien, Transsilvanien. Der Film erzählt die Geschichte von Graf Dracula der mit dem Hotel Transsilvanien ein Hotel für alle möglichen Monster eröffnet hat. Johnny/Jonny (Everyone)Johnnystein (Formerly)Count Johnnafang (Formerly)Human (Dracula)Daddy (Dennis)Schlumpy (Vlad)Dude-man (Dracula) Hotel Transylvania was released on September 28, 2012, and is about a human named Jonathan (Andy Samberg), who unwittingly stumbles upon the hotel and instantly falls in love with Dracula's teenage daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez), and eventually dates, despite Dracula's (Adam Sandler) attempts to keep Jonathan away from his daughter.. Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Dracula quickly lies that Jonathan is someone he recruited to improve Mavis' birthday party since he's the same age. I think Jonathan is one of my favorites, I love Andy Samberg! When they both get up, they stare at each other. Jonathan moaned as he pulled on the sheets. Background information Jonathan is one of the main character in Hotel Transylvania 2. After the warewolf pups birthday party, Dracula and Frank decide to let Dennis watch the monsters' ability so that he may be inspired as a vampire, while Dracula convinces Johnny and Mavis on vacation to California. Mavis and Johnny dancing at Dennis' fith birthday party, When the Elderly Gremlin eats the entire birthday cake for Rox, everyone, including Johnny, is shocked, while she says her catchphrase, “I didn't do that.”, Confident, adventurous, larger-than-life, easygoing, friendly, jolly, fun-loving, talkative, laid-back, curious, optimistic, happy, funny, hopeful and good-natured, Ginger hair, brown eyes, slender, yellow and green t-shirt, orange shirt, light brown cargo shorts, green and blue sneakers. When the party is ready to start, the 21-year-old Jonathan is walking through the forest and stumbles upon the hotel. When Johnny wonders what the hotel is for, Dracula gives a long-winded speech about the reason why he built it. But Dracula sees this and was outraged for Johnny kissing his daughter after sharing his pain. Thankfuly, Johnny catches him and the table races out into the hallway, where they end up crashing into a suit of armor. He doesn’t like having to ever give up Mavis. He has keychains of the “Dexter’s Laboratory” (another of Tartakovsky‘s projects) characters. Johnny thinks there’s nothing to see when it’s dark. After saying that people like Dracula doesn't get to be immortal, Dracula tries to hypnotize Johnny into forgetting about the hotel and never returning; however, he fails unexpectedly thanks to Jonathan's contact lenses. Searching for Dracula, he discovers the Count on a table, upside down. Jonathan. Johnny holds her arms to back up more and Mavis comments it was the most incredible thing she has ever seen. He can surf very well but has trouble surfing a dolphin. To make things worse, Esmerelda and a frozen Quasimodo enters the party. Video games Ratings & Reviews ... Elyas M’Barek erzählt von dem sich wandelnden Verhältnis zwischen Dracula und Jonathan. A big war thus starts. Tell us in the comments! Borrowing Murray's guitar, he improvises a rock song for Mavis, impressing her and the crowd, he even acts a stage dive but no audience knows how to react so he falls to the ground. Jonathan Loughran Related: The Many Voices Behind the Characters of Hotel Transylvania 2. Published 02/27/13 Hotel Transsilvanien. The story of Martha and Dracula was known as a notable tale even to humans. “It’s a good jam, don’t be a grandpa!” “You meet so many awesome people in youth hostels.” “Speaking of awesome, that cape thing is killing it!” “Then, I see these goofy looking dudes on fire, and I follow them to this, like, amazing castle!”. Good Likes Johnny tries to explain what really happened, but Mavis explain to Dracula that it was only a kiss, but Dracula yells at her telling her that she isn't allowed to kiss. Accidental Pervert: Johnny puts his hand through a female skeleton's rib cage, much to her indignation. However, when Mavis found out he was human, she was crushed. Dracula flies to the kitchen and frees him, but Quasimodo stops them as he was confused of why Dracula saved the human, but Dracula states that Johnny is a Stein; to prove this, the Quasimodo challenges Johnny to scare Esmeralda. Jonathan Harker One of his most famous quotes is, “Check it out, I’m a Franken-Homie!”, Jonathan is quite the funny guy, so naturally some of his quotes are hilarious. Johnny sulks down sadly after leaving Mavis, but soon sees Dracula, but Johnny is unable to hear, so Dracula hypnotizes the pilot to apologize to Johnny for everything and that he and Mavis are meant to be together and is happy himself if the person she loves is a kind person like Johnny. At a bingo game, everyone except Dracula was bored. Seeing that all the monsters are real, Jonathan shrieks and runs terrified and accidentally grabs a witch's broom, zooming around the lobby. On the night of Dennis' fifth birthday party, everyone is happy and most human attendants also disguise pretty good. Hotel Transylvania Fan Club. She realizes how much she loves him and wants him to stay but Jonathan lies to her (for the sake of Dracula) and tells her he doesn’t like monsters and walks out the door. Esmeralda takes off Johnny's disguise and reveals that he's a human. We saw the first Hotel Transylvania, and it was so much fun! While he may seem clueless and idiotic he does have a certain amount of intelligence and can be very respectful and caring towards people. So Dracula places birdseed over Johnny's body, and a flock of crows are attracted and covers Johnny. He's a typical backpacker: confident and adventurous. Allies I layed beside him and gazed into his eyes, a smile on my face. \"Boy the wrong people get to be immortal\" 5. However, in Hotel Transylvania 3, when battling the Giant Squid, he said 'once a bar mitzvah DJ, always a bar mitzvah DJ, suggesting that, despite not wanting to get an ordinary job, he did at least once work as a DJ for someones bar mitzvah. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hotel Transsilvanien at Despite loving them, they didn't usually get along, and at some point left home to travel around the world to find a place to fit in. Mavis is hurt by this, demanding to know why he is okay with him keeping her trapped inside the hotel when he knew her dream was to leave. Waverly decides to tag along with Jonathan on his travels, and they stumble across a peculiar hotel. Then, Mavis thinks the monitor to be a live TV show camera and she even exclaims “Hello world!” to it, so Johnny has to praise her embarrassingly. Johnny watch them leave, and then tells Dracula that they might be moving but they are not sure yet. Jonathan "Johnny" Loughran (voiced by Andy Samberg in the films, Brian T. Stevenson in Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard) is one of the main characters in the series. Hotel Transylvania Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. If that were true that would mean Johnny is the great-grandson of Frankenstein's sixth cousin or the sixth cousin of Frankenstein's great-grandparent. Jonathan has fair skin and shaggy ginger hair. Johnny decides to see how good Dracula's friends are; he finds their musical talent "good, but a little old school." His skill is still poor and flies to the sky, but when he falls down, he smashes one of the bat cronies.

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