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Die Identitäre Bewegung in Österreich (IBÖ) besteht seit 2012 und geht von der "europäischen Kultur" aus, deren Identität vor allem von einer Islamisierung bedroht sein soll. https:/ German women rise up! Členové obou skupin komunikují přes server chatovací aplikace Discord. A marine spokesperson commented to local news: "Of course we condemn this type of behavior ... we condemn any type of behavior that is not congruent with our values or that is illegal." [77], In July 2017, a Facebook page for Generation Identity UK and Ireland was created. Das deutsche rechtsextreme Online-Netzwerk „Reconquista Germanica“ nutzt Discord, um die gezielte Beeinflussung Discordöffentlicher Debatten zu organisieren. [74] In September of the same year, members of the Identitarian movement erected a new summit cross in a "provocative" act (as the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported) on the Schafreuter, after the original one had to be removed because of damage by an unknown person. Investigations include four students at the University suspected of having ties to … Dieser Text ist ein Auszug aus der Broschüre, Amadeu Antonio Stiftung (Hrsg. Defend Europe Identitäre Bewegung Frankreich Generation Identitaire France Identitarian Movemen. [9][10] Influenced by New Right metapolitics, they do not seek direct electoral results, but rather to provoke long-term social transformations and eventually achieve cultural hegemony. Unicorn Riot Discord Leaks opens far-right activity centers to public scrutiny through data journalism. Der Kanal liegt aber die meiste Zeit brach und wird nur gezielt genutzt, etwa für die Kampagne „Migrationspakt stoppen“, bei der Mitglieder gegen den „Globalen Pakt für … [9][29], The Nouvelle Droite has been widely described as a neo-fascist attempt to legitimise far-right ideas in the political spectrum,[30][31][32][29] and in some cases to recycle Nazi ideas. Besonders die Identitäre Bewegung verbreitet dort Informationen über ihre Aktionen – Anhänger locken Nutzer dann von dort in geschlossene Gruppen bei „Discord“. "[3], Inspired by the metapolitics of Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci via the Nouvelle Droite, Identitarians do not seek direct electoral results but rather to influence the wider political debate in society. [28][41], In the early 21st century, their ideas influenced youth movements in France through groups such as Jeunesses Identitaires (founded in 2002) and Bloc Identitaire (2003). : VR 3135, District Court Paderborn, cf: Rodrigues and Donselaar (eds), Monitor Racisme & Extremisme - Negende rapportage, Pallas Publications, Amsterdam University Press (2010), pp. The Marine Corps denounced the behaviour and investigated the incident. At an after conference event, one GI UK member told a Hope not Hate informant that two members of the fascist National Front (and former NA members) were present. The French movements exported their ideas to other European nations, turning themselves into a pan-European movement of loosely connected Identitarian groups. Archived. [90], According to Unite Against Fascism, the Identitarian Movement in the UK is estimated to have a membership of less than 200 activists as of June 2019. Doch obwohl die Organisation von Hetzkampagnen auch heute noch im kleineren Stil auf Discord stattfindet, ist die Rele-vanz der Plattform für die rechts-alternative Szene in den letzten Jah-ren zurückgegangen. Gesundheitsecke. Früher war das Internet ein wunderbarer Ort. [11][12], Some Identitarians explicitly espouse ideas of xenophobia and racialism, but most limit their public statements to more docile language. But the german empire flag has unfortunately been well established as a neonazi symbol for a long time so its probably here to stay. Plattformen werden für unterschiedliche Zwecke und Interessen genutzt werden und habe auch ein anderes Publikum. [95], In the Netherlands, Identitair Verzet [nl] was founded in 2012. Tot voor kort ontkenden daarom AfD’ers die nog vooruit wilden in de Duitse politiek iets te maken te hebben met het instituut van Kubitschek. The organisation has staged rallies on various topics, against Islam and mosques, against leftist organizations, against drugs, against pedophilia, and against socialism. All rights reserved. [15], The movement is most notable in Europe, and although rooted in Western Europe, it has spread more rapidly to the eastern part of the continent through conscious efforts of the likes of Faye. Auf letzteres wird zunehmend ausgewichen, da plattformeigene Richtlinien seit 2018 konsequenter durchgesetzt werden und neue Richtlinien ergänzt wurden, wie das Verbot von Inhalten zu „White Nationalism“ oder das Bannen von „Identitären“-Accounts als Hassorganisation auf Facebook und Instagram. Schon 1 Euro hilft. [39][40] Dominique Venner and his magazine Europe-Action, the latter deemed the "embryonic form" of the Nouvelle Droite,[38] are also conducive to the emergence of the movement, by redefining the idea of European nationalism on the "white nation" rather than the "nation state". In the Czech Republic there are many movements such as that of the Generace Identity (Generation of Identity) and that of Pro-Vlast. Laut der Traffic-Website hat Discord 5,5 % deutsche Nutzer*innen (Oktober 2019). Kontrakultur Halle by Komplott, released 31 May 2016 1. "[35], The movement is strongly opposed to the politics and philosophy of Islam, which some critics describe as disguised Islamophobia. [129], Political scientist Cas Mudde argues that although Identitarians claim to share the slogan "0% racism, 100% identify" and officially subscribe to ethnopluralism, "the boundaries between biological and cultural arguments in the movement have become increasingly porous. [89], This controversy led to a number of members leaving the organisation in disgust at what they perceived to be a shift towards the "Old Right". [9][10] Scholars have described the essence of the Identitarianism as a reaction against the permissive ideals of the '68 movement, embodied by the baby-boomers and their perceived left-liberal dominance on society, which they sometimes label "Cultural Marxism". Täglich klicken sich über 50.000 Besucher durch die Seiten und schreiben Kommentare. User_innen können sich hier schriftlich wie auch mündlich unterhalten. Though there are already other flags associated with neonazis like the flag of the "identitäre bewegung" ("identity movement") or modern far right parties like the "NPD" or "der dritte weg" (the third way"). Posted by 2 years ago. ministry for the security of the state) or Stasi realized how useful fringe elements were to sow discord in West Germany and destabilize the society. Seit den Ausschreitungen auf der Demonstration in Charlottesville legt Discord regelmäßig rechtsextreme Server still – allerdings müs-sen Inhalte erst von Mitgliedern gemeldet werden. Der Patriotismus besteht nicht im Hass gegen andere Völker, sondern in der Liebe zum eigenen [97] "[54] Political scientist Jean-Yves Camus agrees and defines the movement as centered around the Nouvelle Droite concept of ethnopluralism (or 'ethno-differentialism'): "each people and culture can only flourish on its territory of origin; ethnic and cultural mixing (métissage) is seen as a factor of decadence; multiculturalism as a pathogenic project, producing crime, loss of bearings and, ultimately, the possibility of an 'ethnic war' on European lands, between 'ethnic Europeans' and non-native Maghrebi Arabs, in any case Muslims. Martin Sellner is the best-known face in the Austrian Identitarian Movement (IM). The new classification will allow the BfV to use more powerful surveillance methods against the group and its youth wing, Generation Identity. [60][61] As summarised by Markus Willinger, a key activist of the movement, "We don't want Mehmed and Mustapha to become Europeans. In Germany there is the Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland (Identitarian Movement Germany) and followers of the Reich Citizen ideology. Close. [citation needed], The Identitarian movement has a close linkage to members of the German New Right,[72] e.g., to its prominent member Götz Kubitschek and his journal Sezession, for which the Identitarian speaker Martin Sellner writes. Reconquista Germanica, founded by a certain "Nikolai Alexander," emerged in the run-up to the 2017 German elections. [11][12] Metapolitics is defined by Nouvelle Droite theorist Guillaume Faye as the "social diffusion of ideas and cultural values for the sake of provoking profound, long-term, political transformation. [63] French prosecutors have launched an inquiry into the findings amidst calls for the group to be proscribed. Growing Stronger: The Identitarian Movement . [27], Although the extent of the influence is debated by scholars,[7] the Identitarian ideology is generally seen as deriving from the Nouvelle Droite,[6][28][8] a French far-right philosophical movement created in the 1960s to adapt traditionalist, ethnopluralist and illiberal politics to the European post-WWII context and to distance itself from earlier forms of far-right like fascism and Nazism, mainly through a project of Pan-European nationalism. Some regard it as a part of European identity "threatened by Muslims who do not respect women or gay people", whereas others like Daniel Friberg describe it as the "disease" that contributed to Muslim immigration in the first place. Die „Identitäre Bewegung“ habe sich vom Bild des Rechtsextremisten mit Glatze und Springerstiefeln verabschiedet, erklärt Experte Andreas Speit im Interview. [102] An investigation into the potential links between Tarrant and IBÖ was conducted by then Austrian Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl. While on occasion condemning racism, it argues that particular modes of being are customary to particular groups of people, mainly based on ideas of thinkers of the German Conservative Revolution, in some instances influenced by Nazi theories,[4][5] through the guidance of European New Right leaders. Der Artikel ist Teil einer Übersicht der Social Media-Plattformen, die für das Monitoring von Aktivitäten der rechtspopulistischen bis rechtsextremen Online-Szene für das Projekt de:hate der Amadeu Antonio Stiftung relevant sind. A year later she was then recruited into the movement Generation Identity or Identitäre Bewegung, always as part of the new European alt-right (alternative right) and was invited to join them in public and private meetings, like a secret meeting in an Airbnb location in Brixton. A Europol terror report mentioned Soldaten van Odin and the defunct group La Meute. The color of Fall is turning from red to white as Winter approaches the Land of Enchantment. [81], Prior the ban, Sellner intended to deliver a speech to the Young Independence party, though they cancelled the event, citing supposed threats of violence from the far-left. The revelation adds further pressure to the Bundeswehr, at a time the military counterintelligence agency, MAD, is examining around 300 cases of alleged far-right extremism in its ranks.. Welche Reichweiten und Menschen erreichen rechts-alternative Kanäle auf Discord? #120. Reg-No. [39], In Belgium, in 2018, the State Security Service saw the rise of Schild & Vrienden [nl] in the context of Identitarian groups emerging throughout Europe. Auch wird je nach Plattform ein anderes Publikum angezogen. Training their members at camps in France, their protests in the Netherlands attract tens of participants. Les utilisateurs peuvent discuter entre eux et créer des groupes. [64], Political scientist Stéphane François estimated the size of the Identitarian movement in France to be 1,500–2,000 in 2017. ". Martin Sellner (born 8 January 1989) is an Austrian Neue Rechte and Identitarian activist, leader of the Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs (IBÖ, Identitarian Movement of Austria), and active in the alt-right movement. [94], The separatist party Som Catalans claims to defend the "identity of Catalonia" against "Spanish colonialism and the migrant invasion", as well as the "islamisation" of the Spanish autonomous community. Enya. The Identitarian movement or Identitarianism is a post-World War II European far-right[2][3] political ideology asserting the right of Europeans and peoples of European descent to culture and territories claimed to belong exclusively to them. [91], In Sweden, the organisation Nordiska förbundet [sv] (active from 2004 to 2010), which founded the online encyclopedia Metapedia in 2006, promoted Identitarianism. Someone discovers an alt right discord where fake accounts are created to mass like/dislike content and mess with analytics. Although the activists are presenting themselves as a satirical project by gamers and LARPers, it is in fact a group of far-right extremists, coordinating targeted online attacks against political opponents, mainstream media and adverse institutions. [24][25][26] The United States–based Southern Poverty Law Center considers many of these organisations to be hate groups. In the Czech Republic there are many movements such as that of the Generace Identity (Generation of Identity) and that of Pro-Vlast. [117], On 20 May 2017, two non-commissioned officers with the U.S. Marines were arrested for trespassing after displaying a banner from a building in Graham, North Carolina, during a Confederate Memorial Day event. Die nette Frau von nebenan, die sich Sorgen um den sozialen Zusammenhalt in ihrer Stadt macht: Auf diese Weise wurde…. Mit einem weiteren prominenten Kanal namens „Infokrieg“ ist auch die „Identitäre Bewegung“ auf Discord vertreten. Other than the donation, no other evidence of contact or connections between the two parties has been found. In January 2016, ... Sellner is an Austrian Neue Rechte activist, and leader of the Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs (IBÖ, Identitarian Movement of Austria). "[51] Some Identitarian parties have nonetheless contested elections, like in France or in Croatia, but so far with no success. The number of terrorist attacks by far-right perpetrators rose over the past decade, more than quadrupling between 2016 and 2017. The Identitarian Movement has about 600 members in Germany. Grob lässt sich unterscheiden zwischen den großen, öffentlichen Plattformen und dem sogenannten Dark Social, also Messenger-Diensten mit geschlossener Kommunikation. Verbreitet werden sollen die Inhalte vor allem in den sozialen Medien. Unicorn Riot obtained hundreds of thousands of messages from white supremacist and neo-nazi Discord chat servers after Charlottesville. Investigations include four students at the University suspected of having ties to far-right movements. Sie verfolge aber weiter eine „Blut- … [96], In Flanders, the website Voorpost, is an ethnic nationalist (volksnationalist) group founded in Flanders, Belgium by Karel Dillen in 1976 as a splinter from the Volksunie. [98], Australia has a local presence of the Identitarian movement in the form of an organisation known as Identity Australia, which describes itself as "a youth-focused identitiarian organisation dedicated to giving European Australians a voice and restoring Australia's European character". Find books Generation Identity (GI) is a self-described "Pan European Patriotic Identitarian Movement", or to the layperson, white nationalists.It is associated with the more general Identitarian movement, which is likewise focused on asserting what it considers white European culture against the imaginary threat of white genocide.GI is active in various European … Kaputt ... Identitäre Bewegung - GI. [106] Tarrant exchanged emails with Sellner with one asking if they could meet for coffee or beer in Vienna and sent him a link to his YouTube channel. Martin Sellner (1989–) is an Austrian identitarian alt-right figure who makes it very hard not to violate Godwin's law.Although one might think this Austrian is behind Gates of Vienna, that's not his.. Sellner, leader of the Austrian branch of Generation Identity (German: Identitäre Bewegung Österreich, IBÖ), is married to American professional racist writer Brittany Sellner … Discord Discord est une plateforme de messagerie conçue pour la communauté des passionnés de jeux-vidéos. [134], According to Christoph Gurk of Bayerischer Rundfunk, one of the goals of Identitarianism is to make racism modern and fashionable. [39], Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit conducted an undercover investigation into the French branch, which aired on 10 December 2018. Then, private communities on platforms like 4chan and Discord picked it up and helped push the theory to go viral on Twitter and Facebook.

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